Facility Services

SAGE understands there is a careful balance between Compliance and Hospitality.  Resident safety and comfort is just as important as efficient and productive operations.  SAGE can assist in all these areas, without having to be the full time manager.

Many times, facilities need to improve in just one or two areas or they may need key staff unexpectedly.  SAGE can help teach and implement cost saving measures and resident safety protocols to your staff, as well as provide administrators or nurses when needed. 

Through the years of managing facilities, SAGE has created a complete set of writable forms and operational tools designed to streamline compliance and record keeping in your assisted living facility. SAGE has created tools, which can be individualized to the specifications of your facility, that can only be used if purchased through SAGE.

Internal Process Structuring

Fall Analysis & Prevention

Hands-On Training

Sage on Call 24/7

Crisis Assistance & Management

Temporary Personnel

Resident Comforts

Internal Process Structuring

SAGE can assist in making processes specific to certain departments more efficient, saving your facility money, while improving the resident experience.

If you feel your community is doing well, overall, but want to improve a specific department SAGE can help with that. We can help develop individualized, tailor-made processes which can be daily, weekly, or monthly routines and functions specific to your facility with a few simple steps:

  1. SAGE will observe and evaluate the routines and processes within any department
  2. We will identify strategies to simplify and streamline these routines and processes
  3. Aid in the implementation of each new system, process or routine

We offer on-going over-sight to ensure these strategies are effective for you and your community and that they are being appropriately implemented on a continuous basis.  We offer process evaluation and improvement from the handling of physician's orders and medication delivery to the establishment of committees to manage quality assurance, safety and admissions. 

Fall Analysis and Prevention

One unique tool popular with SAGE clients is our Fall Prevention & Management program.  Fall Analysis and Prevention involves on-site work by SAGE where we review resident incident reports and recommend realistic interventions the facility can implement to help reduce the resident’s risk for a reoccurrence of a similar event. The total program includes:

  • employee training
  • forms
  • specific intervention lists for almost any causative factor
  • how to investigate properly to determine the cause of the fall
  • development of appropriate tangible interventions

In addition, we look at the incident reports as a whole and trend them to identify systemic problems that are occurring facility wide (such as at shift change or specific times of day or when certain personnel are always working, etc.).

Crisis Assistance and Management

What do you do if a Memory Care resident discharges a fire extinguisher in the middle of the night? What happens if a resident falls in a pond? What happens if there is an incident of abuse or sexual nature?

When it comes to assisted living, you never know when an urgent time-sensitive crises will arise.  SAGE's Crisis Management Team is a 24/7 on-call service that SAGE provides to all of our routine clients.  Our clients can call weekends, nights, even holidays !

Often these are unique one-of-a-kind occurrences.  It may be a state surveyor in the building, it may be an actual fire, flood or an extremely serious incident with the potential to bring on a survey and/or media attention.  Our consultants are available to answer these difficult situations at all hours of the day.

Temporary Administrator and Nursing Personnel

Collectively, SAGE personnel brings more years of assisted living experience to the table than any other similar organization in the Southeast.  Our highly sought after RN's, LPN's and Administrators are always ready to provide temporary emergency coverage for Administrator, RN and Unit Coordinator positions in assisted living communities.

Complete and current employee files are provided upon arrival at your community. SAGE can help with non-clinical positions and departments as well.

Hands-On Training

Hands on Training is when SAGE consultants roll up their sleeves and work side by side WITH an individual (new administrator, new nurse, etc.).  We set up their daily, weekly and monthly routines.

The individual shadows one of us or we shadow and direct the individual.  SAGE can also do group training, when necessary, on any topic imaginable.