Human Resources

Many employee issues can be avoided at the very beginning - when you hire them. 

Over the years, SAGE has partnered with many clients and have perfected techniques, wording, and implementing extremely effective hiring processes that include, but are not limited to:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruiting
  • Managing & Posting "Blind" Ads
  • Vetting of Applicants

Once you have hired someone, it is just as important to keep that employee motivated and trained to give continuous quality care you want your facility to be known for.  For that reason, SAGE has designed state-of-the-art training courses our clients use to not only hire the best people, but to keep them happy in their profession and continue to give great customer service.
Training is a constant ongoing process, as rules change, survey processes change, and innovation brings to light new best practices.  Competitively, it has NEVER been more important to develop and mentor employees to be the best in the business!