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Compliance Experts in Senior Living

As members of the senior housing industry, our mission is to offer superior service and value to our residents and families. By maintaining compliance with state regulations for assisted living and other levels of care, Sage Management delivers on these promises to residents and regulators through our expertise and dedication.

As a full-service senior living management company, we work with communities of all sizes, ranging from corporate-owned to family-operated. With compliance being our top priority, our team has helped over 50 client communities achieve deficiency-free state surveys. One of our clients has not had a deficiency in over a decade!

This unprecedented and unparalleled number of perfect, deficiency-free surveys shows why Sage Management is the best in assisted living management and consulting.

Together as a team, we implement the following tools and processes in our full-service approach to help achieve and maintain compliance.

Mock Surveys: Improve Internal Processes
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To make sure each shift is reviewed, we will visit your community at all times of the day over the course of [a minimum of] five days. These audits can be announced or unannounced, whichever you prefer.

Once the audit is complete, our team will have an Exit Conference to verbally review all findings with key personnel and provide a written report outlining those findings with our recommendations for correction.

Mock Surveys cover, but are not limited to:

  • Personnel & Training Records
  • Resident Charts
  • Administrative Records (Reports of Required Inspections & Required Contracts or Agreements)
  • Resident Care (Eligibility, Assessments, Plan of Care, Medication Assistance and/or Administration)
  • 3-Step Medication Match-Backs
  • Housekeeping
  • Infection Control
  • Fire & Safety
  • Physical Plant
  • Resident Incident Report

Sage Management will provide 24/7 On-Call Services and On-Site Presence during any State Survey.

Compliance Consulting for Assisted Living & Memory Care Communities

Sage Management is the Southeast’s leading advisor on assisted living and memory care compliance and operations strategy. With years of experience and a proven track record of more than 50 perfect, deficiency-free surveys, we bring you not just our industry knowledge but the insight of many.

We offer consulting on operations and compliance, focusing on revising or improving your community’s current practices. Consulting services, which include observations and recommendations, can target any of the elements within a Mock Survey, a specific department, or an entire community. A common request from our clients is to have us study and recommend improvements for time management.

After observing current practices, Sage Management will have an Exit Conference with key personnel to review findings and create a plan for training and implementing our recommendations for more efficient or compliant systems and processes. We will also conduct monthly or quarterly maintenance visits to ensure that the continued, appropriate implementation of our recommendations is still being applied.

Sage Management will provide 24/7 On-Call Services and On-Site Presence during any State Survey. Our consultants are available for weekend and night visits as requested and for Crisis Management on a per-hour basis 24/7.

If you would like to learn more about what Sage Management can do for your community, click here to contact us. Please include your current situation or question(s), and our team will provide a confidential quote specific to your needs. 

Plan of Correction: Actionable Changes

Deficiencies cited by a surveying agency require a Plan of Correction (POC) that they approve and accept. Sage Management’s reputation and experience with developing effective and accepted correction plans is unparalleled. We create unique, community-specific plans that, if properly implemented, not only correct the deficient practice but will improve overall community practices and operations.

A community must write an individual Plan of Correction for each deficiency received during an actual state survey and must include how the plan will be monitored and by whom.

Implementation of any deficiency correction plan is critical since repeat deficiencies are even more grievous and frequently result in licensure enforcement action. Consistency, monitoring, and ongoing correction of the deficiency are absolutely necessary. Systematic and routine audits by our highly skilled team of experts can be written into your POC and ensure your Plan of Correction will be appropriately implemented and consistently adhered to in your community.

We suggest a similar Plan of Correction be developed to address issues identified during one of our mock surveys. Sage Management can help draft a Plan of Correction after an actual state survey and/or after a mock survey.

Post-Survey Implementation of the Plan of Correction (POC)

The Post-Survey Implementation consists of setting up internal systems and processes that specifically target the deficient practices found during the Mock Survey. It includes methods for ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the POC and revisions for what does not work.

Sage Management can perform this service after an actual state survey and/or after a mock survey.

Policies & Procedures: Outline Internal Processes

Sage Management can provide your community, whether it is brand new or in need of an update, Operational Policy & Procedures, which uniquely follow the content layout, by chapter, of the state rulebook. These policies and procedures have been vetted repeatedly during actual surveys.

Our policies and procedures can be customized to include your logo, mission statement, and whatever else you feel needs to be included to brand your community.

Each department, including Dietary, Maintenance, HIPAA, and Pharmacy, is outlined and addressed. If ordered, you will receive our Operational Policy & Procedures, with Applicable Forms, in both a hard copy and an electronic copy. 

Because our policy manuals are available in searchable PDF format, you can quickly and easily find the solution to an issue if and when it does arise.

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