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Sage Management began as a compliance consulting firm, but due to the success of our Plans of Corrections and our departmental processes, we soon started managing communities for other owners. What began as a small Alabama-based senior living management company is now a regional firm assisting owners and lenders from New Orleans to North Carolina and Florida.

Because of our relationship with Community Senior Life, our team at Sage Management understands the importance of keeping healthcare at the forefront of the community’s mission while also keeping the bottom line in mind. It is a delicate balance of healthcare and hospitality.

From start-ups to 30-year-old operations, Sage Management manages Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities across the Southeast. Our clients’ organizations range in size and local flavor, but our practices remain constant while adjusting to each state’s rules and regulations.

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Why Utilize Community Management Services?

Improve Resident Satisfaction & Employee Efficiency

By maintaining compliance with state regulations for assisted living and memory care, your community can continue to offer superior service and value. In addition, Sage Management can help create effective policies and procedures that increase safety and employee efficiency.

24/7 Call Support

Members of the Sage Management team are available all day, every day for you and your team. From midnight falls to early morning frozen pipes, we can help guide your team during times of uncertainty.

Mock Surveys

Always be prepared for when a state surveyor knocks on your community’s door. While under a management agreement with our team, quarterly mock surveys are conducted, ensuring compliance is maintained at all times.


How Sage Can Help Your Community

Sage Management understands there is a careful balance between compliance and hospitality. Resident safety, comfort, and satisfaction are just as important as efficiency and productivity operations.

Our team can assist in all these areas without being a full-time manager. Sage Management’s full-service community management approach can help teach and implement cost-saving measures and resident safety protocols.

Through years of managing a wide range of communities, Sage Management has created a complete set of writable forms and operational tools designed to streamline compliance and record-keeping in your senior living community. Only available through Sage Management, these resources are individualized to your organization’s specifications.

Internal Process Structuring

Sage Management can assist your community by making internal processes and procedures that lead to efficiency, save your community money, and improve the resident experience.

If you feel your community is doing well but want to improve a specific department, our team is happy to help. Sage Management develops individualized, tailor-made processes for daily, weekly, or monthly routines and functions specific to your community with a few simple steps:


We observe and evaluate the routines and procedures currently within any department.


Our team identifies strategies to simplify and streamline these routines and processes.


After the observation period, Sage Management aids in implementing each new system, process, or routine.

We offer ongoing oversight to ensure these strategies are effective for you and your community and that they are being appropriately implemented on a continuous basis. Our process evaluation and improvement services are offered in many areas. From the handling of physician’s orders and medication delivery to the establishment of committees that manage quality assurance, safety, and admissions, you can count on us to help your community run smoothly.

Internal Processing in Administration

Great communities start with great leadership. As part of our full-service approach, the Sage Management team provides on-site mentoring and 24-hour support to develop industry leaders with solid foundations. We provide training that is vital to your professional development.

Policy and Procedure manuals are customized to meet the unique needs of your community. Written in clear, concise language and tied to your state’s regulations for assisted living and other care levels, these manuals provide a consistent framework for your community’s operation and ensure compliance.

Our team offers streamlined forms and tools that are simple, effective, and easy to use. Let us evaluate your staffing efficiency and needs. We can teach and help you implement techniques and strategies for time management and productivity improvement.

If you need help finding the right employees, our Human Resources Department is available to assist with your recruitment, vetting, and hiring process, as well.

Internal Processing in Nursing

Quality care is at the center of what we do, and the services your nurses provide are instrumental to the success of your community. Sage Management has created programs your community and your residents can benefit from, such as Resident Pre-Admission Screenings. Need an out-of-area resident screened for admission to your memory care community? Our knowledgeable and experienced Registered Nurses are experts in determining eligibility. Screenings include:

  • Physical Self Maintenance Scale
  • Mental Status Evaluation
  • Aphasia Screening
  • Geriatric Depression Screening 
  • Behavioral Screening
  • Clinical History

Sage Management can go one step further & develop the prospective residents’ initial care plan for you. Additional services include:

  • Documenting Initial & Ongoing Training of Licensed Personnel (RN, Unit Coordinator, LPN) as required by your state agency
  • Completion of RN Comprehensive Assessments
  • Completion of RN Monthly Assessments
  • Medication Audits & 3-Step Match-Backs
  • Audit of Medication Systems & Medication Pass Observation
  • Implementing Streamlined Nursing & Medication Systems
  • Development & Implementation of Infection Control Procedures & Processes
  • Care Plans
Internal Processing in Human Resources

Many employee issues can be avoided at the very beginning – when you hire them. Over the years, Sage Management has partnered with many clients and has perfected techniques and wording guidelines to implement a highly effective hiring process.

These techniques include, but are not limited to:

  1. Job Descriptions
  2. Recruiting
  3. Managing & Posting “Blind” Ads
  4. Vetting Applicants

Once you have hired someone, it is just as important to keep that employee trained and motivated to give the continuous quality care you want your community to be known for. For that reason, Sage Management has designed state-of-the-art training courses our clients use to not only hire the best people but to keep them satisfied in their profession, so they continue to deliver excellent customer service.

As with any industry, rules change, survey processes alter, and innovation brings new best practices to light, making training a constant on-going process. Competitively, it has never been more important to develop and mentor employees to be the best in the business!

Internal Processing in Dietary

Outside of care management, food and the dining experience at your community are the next most important items to residents. Your community must stay in compliance with local and state codes, as well as offer a 5-star dining experience that is economically beneficial to the operations of your organization.

Sage Management has two ServSafe certified instructors and proctors on our team who can offer training for your community, so your kitchen is always in compliance. We also offer over 20 years of dining experience in the senior sector. We can help your organization with:

  1. Menu Creation
  2. Food Transportation Issues
  3. Meal Cost Analysis
  4. Kitchen And Dining Design
Safety First

Safety First!

Sage Management has seen a 44% decrease in resident falls within its clients’ communities!

Fall Analysis & Prevention

One unique tool that is popular with our clients is our Fall Prevention & Management program. Fall Analysis and Prevention involves on-site work by Sage Management to review resident incident reports and recommend realistic interventions the community can implement to help reduce the resident’s risk of a similar event recurring. The total program includes:

  • Employee Training
  • Forms
  • Specific Intervention Lists for Almost Any Causative Factor
  • How to Investigate Properly to Determine the Cause of a Fall
  • Development of Appropriate Tangible Interventions

Hands-On Training

Sage Management’s hands-on training is when our consultants roll up their sleeves and work side by side WITH an individual (new administrator, new nurse, etc.) to set up their daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

The individual shadows one of us, or we shadow and direct the individual. Additionally, our team can also conduct group training sessions when necessary on any needed topic.

Crisis Assistance & Risk Management

What do you do if a memory care resident discharges a fire extinguisher in the middle of the night? What happens if a resident falls in a pond? What happens if there is an incident of abuse or sexual nature?

When it comes to assisted living, you never know when an urgent, time-sensitive crisis will arise. Sage Management’s Crisis Management Team is a 24/7 on-call service that we provide to our routine clients. Our clients can call day, night, weekend, and even holidays.

Often these are unique, one-of-a-kind incidents. It may be a state surveyor in the building, an actual fire, flood, or an extremely serious incident with the potential to bring on a survey and/or media attention. Our consultants are available to answer your questions and guide you through these difficult situations at all hours of the day.

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How Can We Help You?

We invite you to contact Sage Management to discover how we can help your organization find success.

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Services cannot be purchased separately.